Washington Huskies Football 2021-2022 Season Preview

Some prognosticators have the Huskies as a top 10 ten team. Do they live up to the hype?

Lee Sterling here of paramountsports.com and today I’m going to break down and give you what i think is going to happen with the Washington Huskies football program and the PAC-12 for the 2021-2000 college football season. Last year’s abbreviated schedule for the huskies only had them play four games. They went 3-1, they won their side of the conference, were going to play for the conference championship but didn’t have enough players due to Covid-19! It was just a strange year.

18 starters return, a lot of excitement going into the season and the return of starting quarterback Dylan Morris. I think he’s solid and they also get a transfer, number 10 Patrick O’Brien, he comes from Colorado State. Here’s the problem with both quarterbacks… I think they’re both average. I just don’t think that they hit on big plays enough. I don’t think they’re elite. So are they going to hurt you? Probably not but if you want to play some of the best teams and beat them, I don’t know if they’re your guys.

Now, I love the offensive line. Their offensive line is very good to elite. Great tight end Cade Otton, I think they’re going to control the line of scrimmage on the offensive side, run the ball effectively, but I don’t see any elite running backs on the team. I don’t see any go-to receivers at receiver position. A lot of pretty good guys, number two options so their offense should be pretty good where they could be real strong is on defense.

Their linebackers are solid, what’s scary is their dbs! Their db’s are probably the best in the conference. Top five in the nation but they need to get a pass rush! This is where I think they’re going to have trouble against better teams. They only had 10 sacks last year in the four games and their top returning pass rusher who had seven of those 10 sacks, is out for the season with an injury so that’s a big question mark! You win games up front. The defensive line rushing the quarterback isn’t anything special.

They’re going to have to find someone or one of those two guys is going to have to really emerge. They could lose at Michigan, I mean hey, this isn’t a great Michigan team but how about this, Washington played all four games at home last year. They have not traveled playing an away game. Their first road game in 21 months so early in the year, Michigan might get them and they’re gonna play Oregon and Arizona State at home.

Now, people like Phil Steele have them ranked in the top ten, a lot of people have them 12 to16 12 to18. I think they’re a top 20 team but barely. I have them at like 20th and I think they’re gonna finish 9-3. Of all the major conferences, this might be one of the worst 9-3 teams. Might be a good season, the regular season they might be happy with, but if they were in the SEC, they probably go 6-6. I think Washington’s improved but maybe a little bit too high of expectations.

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