What does 27 winning seasons mean to you?

  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars to you even if you’re just a $100-$200 bettor.
  • Not having to feel the depression of losing.
  • Read below for actual testimonials documenting Lee Sterling’s unbelievable record through the years.

These are actual testimonials documenting Lee Sterling’s unbelievable record through the years


Dear Mr. Sterling,

Lee, can’t thank you enough for your contributions to our show this past season. For nearly a decade your football insight has been beneficial to all our listeners, not just those who enjoy the games for non-entertainment purposes only.

You first made an impression on us all the way back in the 2005 college football season, topping off a great year by predicting not just that Texas would cover versus USC but would win outright. As we know, the 7 point underdog did just that. You followed it up the next season by picking Florida (also a 7 point dog) to win outright and when they did your “legend” was cemented with our listeners.

What we appreciate the most is that you come on our show every week and pick the games that we want you to analyze and forecast. Not the games that you would prefer to analyze and forecast. Yet despite having to cater to our wants and needs, you may have outdone yourself this past year. 64% winners on our 5 picks per week and then you went 11-3-1 on your Game of the Week. We calculated it where if people put $50 on your bets at the start of the year they would have made around $4,000 profit.

Thank you so much for helping our show better. We wish you continued success and we so look forward to having you on our show for the 2013 football season and beyond.


David Moulton
“Miller and Moulton in the Afternoon”
(weekdays 2-6 pm on 99.3 FM)

the-fan-ESPN 1250am

June 18th, 2013

“Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports has been with me for over 10 years, in 4 different markets due to his professional approach to the handicapping business.
His segment provides football fans, not just guys that care about the line, information that isn’t always regularly available to them. He’s fast paced, highly entertaining, and his segment is one that listeners can’t wait to hear each week. Lee has a great sense of timing and understands how to make a segment flow. It’s been a real pleasure to work with him.

When Lee says he hits at around 70% – he’s not making it up. I can personally attest to his record over the past decade and my listeners do pay attention to it. There are a lot of imposters out there but Lee is one handicapper that adds a fun, informative, and money-making segment to my show. New England football fans enjoy listening to Lee and look forward to his segment each week.”


Matt Perrault
General Manager of ESPN New Hampshire
Host of The Home Team with Matt Perrault
Manchester/Nashua NH


Nashville, TN- Lee Sterling has served as our stations lead handicapper for 5 years and has been with The Thom Abraham Show for nearly 10 years in different markets. We continue to use Lee because of his outstanding record, picking over 60% winners on our air for games of local interest. Last year, his paid clients won on 22 of 26 weeks, and he is on a 10 year run picking the College Game of the Year. Lee has been a winner for 21 straight years…I know, because I am also a client!
Lee is also very entertaining on air, and provides our listeners with excellent insight, regardless of their desire to play the games.

For more information, Contact Thom Abraham at 615-844-1039.


July 20th, 2011

“Lee Sterling is by far the best handicapper I’ve ever had in on my show in my 16 years on the air. His unique blend of entertaining, on-air presentation, and extremely accurate picks makes him a tremendous radio guest. His weekly spot on The Mac Attack here in Charlotte is one of our most popular weekly segments. I am writing this in July and listeners are already asking when Lee will return to talk football. This will be the 4th year Lee will be our official handicapper, and I can honestly say, he has been one of our most valuable contributors the last 3 years.”



“Lee Sterling has been a guest on Fox Sports Radio’s Game Time React with JT “The Brick” for six years. In Lee’s last two years with Fox Sports Radio, he has joined the show for 30 weeks, and has given the listeners a 27-3 winning record.

Each week he’s covered three of the most high profile games in NFL and college.We really look forward to having Lee back for the seventh year on Friday nights.”



December 3rd, 2008

“Dear Lee,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how thrilled we are with your weekly segment on Between the Lines.

We’ve had you on the show for seven years now, and you’ve never been more popular with our listeners. Each your, you have provided accurate, detailed information on how you come up with your selections and it resonates with our audience. It also helps they are making piles of money using your service.

I received an e-mail last week from a listener in St. Joseph, Missouri after your 12-1 week. He told me he has been a subscriber of numerous services over the past 15 years and was never happy with any of them until he found your segment on my show in 2004. Since then, he has profited nearly $250,000 following your advice. Needless to say, I was blown away. It’s rare in my business to get much positive feedback, but I certainly receive a lot of great comments about you.

Keep up the great work. I don’t know how you do it, we are all just glad you do.”



Phone 913.344.1500
Fax 913.469.8810
Sales Fax 913.469.8488
6721 W. 121st Street
Overland Park, KS 66209


“Dear Lee Sterling,

Thank you so much for agreeing to come back to our show in 2008. Our listeners enjoy your weekly segment. We are grateful for your time and expertise. Our listeners still talk about you picking Texas and Florida “straight up” to win the NCAA National Title Games. Not too many so-called “experts” were taking 7 point underdogs to win outright.

We are thankful for your consistent record of picking the regional games that we want you to select, not necessarily your Best Bets of the week. The fact that you consistently call over 60% vs. the spread on our games astounds us. Then again, when you hit over 75% on your “Game of the Week” picks,… maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

We hope that our station is able to drum up some more business for you this year. With the way you pick games, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks again and we look forward to your weekly segment for the 5th year in a row.”





PlayFast.TV would like to congratulate you on your 3rd place finish in the $100,000.00 at the 2006/2007 World Series of Sports Handicapping Invitational.

Your participation with some of the biggest names in sports handicapping such as Marc Lawrence, Tim Truschel, Doc’s Sports, Kennith Wietzner, Fezzik, Jim Kruger, and Russ Culver was both amazing and appreciated.

We were very pleased with your success in the face of such competition resulting in the best overall record on the season with a 13 win and 5 loss mark.

Your remarkable 60.4% winning percentage over 150 play submissions across the regular season as well as the playoffs pays testimony to your prowess as a Sports Handicapper and Authority.

This letter serves as a show of gratitude for your participation in the contest, and confirmation of your $10,000 cash award.

We wish you the best of luck for the upcoming 2008 football season, and look forward to your participation in any future PlayFast events.”

Best Regards,

Richard Jones
Business Development


“I have had many handicappers on my radio show through the years, and no one touches Lee Sterling. Lee not only brings charisma and an upbeat personality to the airwaves, but also unmatched information regarding his picks for college football and the NFL. Lee hits nearly 60% of his picks on my show on a consistent basis and is always a segment many listeners are waiting to hear every week during the football season. I am once again very pleased to bring Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports onto my show this season for more winning picks and great radio.”



“Lee Sterling is the biggest single reason why inaugural 1005-06 Great Handicappers Challenge in the Reno Gazette-Journal was so successful this year. The challenge pitted Lee against another handicapper, a rotation of sport book managers form Northern Nevada and me in a 22-week football contest and Lee won the challenge with a record of 14-7-1, an amazing winning percentage of .667. What’s even more amazing is his weekly pick was never his top pick of the week.

I received numerous emails from readers thanking me for conducting the challenge, and I know the reason why people were so happy is that Lee’s picks made money for them. Many readers also asked if the challenge would continue next year. (it will in 2006-07)

Look forward to bringing Lee back for the second annual challenge, and I know my readers do as well.”

Dan Hinxman
Reno Gazette-Journal


“This is our second year having Lee Sterling on “Cotlar and Company”. The response we received the first year was phenomenal. Listeners really enjoyed hearing Lee’s insight on college football and he was never shy with his opinions. He may not always be right (nobody is), but he correctly nailed a high percentage of his picks and did so in a colorful fashion. We look forward to our second year of having Lee sterling on “Cotlar and Company: again this season.”

Larry “Cotman” Cotlar
KXNO Radio
Des Moines, IA


“Lee Sterling was a great part of our show, Sports Talk, here on South Carolina News Network. His entertaining and informative segment was one of our most popular features. during football season. Plus, he was a consistent winner. Lee hit on close to 65% ON HIS GAMES. He also did a great job of picking games that involved South Carolina, Clemson and the Carolina Panthers-teams that are big in this state. He doesn’t just blindly pick games but goes inside each match up with an in-depth breakdown. Lee Sterling is a winner and a welcomed addition to the Sports Talk family.”

Kevin McCrarey
Co-host of Sports Talk on the S.C. News Network
August 19. 2004


“Lee Sterling has been a part of my radio show for three years. My audience has come to expect an informative and entertaining segment every time Lee is on. As a matter of fact I had another handicapper on my show that had been with me for five years and my audience demanded that we get rid of him and have more of Lee Sterling. Lee shoots straight and tells it like it is. His predictions on my show have been incredible and I’ve documented them personally. Lee Sterling is a Winner!”

John M. Longshore
Budweiser Sportsline – Host
WMSP Sports Radio 740
Montgomery, Alabama


“Sports fans & Players,

Lee Sterling became a regular guest Friday night’s on our Sports Talk program and was a great addition. The segment provided an extra spark of entertainment and information. The listener reaction was excellent among the football nuts who pay attention to the line as well as fans looking for that little something extra. Of course, the bottom line was Lee won and won big. Hit them at close to 70-percent. He brings a great sense of humor to the table as well as a monster degree of enthusiasm for what he does, even though he correctly picked ‘against’ our Ducks in back to back weeks. I’ve seen, heard and read a bunch of national guys who can’t hold a candle to Lee’s ability to pick the games. The man has the knack for spotting that key fact about a team who has trouble on the road, can’t stop the run or whatever gives listeners an edge when they make their plays that weekend. I look forward to his gig again this coming season.”


Steve Tannen
Sports Talk
5-7pm weeknights
KPNW AMll20/Eugene, OR


“To whom it may concern:

I added Lee Sterling to my list of regular guests for the 2000 football season. Lee came on my show each Friday during the season to pick games for our listeners. My biggest fear was that my listeners would get another guy spewing meaningless stat after meaningless stat. You know the stats I’m talking about, “They’re 13-1 as road ‘dogs on astroturf in a light rain over the last 62 years.” That’s not what I wanted on my show. My fears were alleviated after Lee’s first appearance on the show. The first thing I noticed is that lee knows football. He has an innate ability to break a game down from all angles.

Lee Sterling was 62-39-2 in 20 weeks on my show. While posting a great record, Lee was very consistent. He only had two losing weeks out of the 20 he was on the show. I received a lot of email through the course of the season from listeners who thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s weekly analysis. My producer even had to keep track of Lee’s picks, because each week he would get calls from people who weren’t at their radios while Lee was on with me. If Lee says a game is a lock you can count on it.

Whether you have a show and are thinking about adding Lee as a guest, or if you are just thinking about subscribing to his service Lee is the man.”


D.J. Franks & Associates, Inc.
213 West Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527

“To Whom It May Concern:

Lee Sterling has participated in both the football and basketball handicapping contests for the past eight seasons. The consistent winners he has produced over that time has been incredible. With a successful 2000, Lee is clearly one of the top ten handicappers who participate in our contests. Lee won both football and basketball handicapping contest this past year. He is the only handicapper to ever accomplish that feat. To accomplish that feat Lee must spend thousands of hours on research and use that research plus great insight to produce consistent winners for our contest and his clients.

We want to thank Lee for his participation in our contests and wish he and his company, Paramount Sports continued success in the future.”

David Malish