Paramount Sports 2021 2022 Football Season Picks

Are you ready for some football?!?! NCAA College Fooball Picks & NFL Picks Are Here!

We sure are! Lee Sterling here of and football is here! Finally!!! Been waiting all summer, couldn’t take it anymore! Got tired of going on vacation, on walks with the wife and the dog. It’s finally upon us so i hope you’re excited, I’m excited, 27 winning seasons at Paramount Sports last year! 17 out of 22 winning weeks! Do you know what it’s like to go to the bank and withdraw money 17 out of 22 times? It’s a great feeling!

So last year we just picked up! We’re almost top 10 in the country every single year out of 1,500-2,000 services! Great college season, we were strong all year and we finished 13 and 3 in the bowls including the Alabama destruction of Ohio State. I don’t like either program to be honest with you but when you got money on the side, it was fun when it was over by halftime!

The NFL? Top five in the country! With so many moving pieces going on with Covid-19! We finished 9 and 4 in the playoffs, we won easy on Tampa Bay Bucs as an underdog in the Super Bowl as they destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs. So we’re combined number one if you go to, look at recent results for last year. NFL and NCAA College Football, you combine the two, best winning percentage! Every person that signed up from the beginning of the season through the Super Bowl, from a hundred to a thousand dollar bet, made a total of almost twenty thousand dollars!!! No one in the country can come up with that kind of profit for you so if you haven’t signed up yet, or you you’ve never been a client before, now’s the time!

Go to, normally $1,697.00 for NCAA College Football Picks  and NFL Picks season covers  from the first game of the preseason through the Super Bowl. You’re hearing it here first, use coupon code save300 and it brings it down to $1,397.00!!! People charging more, they can’t deliver the same kind of results. The Seasons lasts from the first of the preseason, through the Super Bowl and it’ll cover preseason, cover NCAA College Football, regular season, all the 43 bowl games, NFL regular season & playoffs!

We don’t charge extra for the Super Bowl and we also will give you our top 10 prop bets there and if you sign up before the start of the season, we will give you all our futures plays too! Last year, five futures plays we handed out won four of those easy in fact, all four of our top four selections in the future is cash! How do you get involved and start winning today? Go to or give me a call here at the office 800-400-9741 and be a winner!!!

UFC Fight Night Sandhagen vs Dillashaw – 7 Selections For Just $55 –  Saturday July 24, 2021 –  This Card Includes An Underdog Selection That If It Wins Pays A Record 65 Units! First Fight Selection Goes Off Saturday At 4:30 PM EST!

This all access one night pass will include 7 selections for just $55!This is UFC Fight Night  Sanhagen vs Dillashaw Saturday July 24, 2021. This card includes a very rare underdog selection that if it wins pays 65 units. Our first selection goes off around 4:30 PM EST. We won each of the last 2 weeks and expect to stay on this roll! We’ve won 40 of the last 59 cards. Each selection is rated from a low of 10 to a high of 50 units.This product is an instant download.

Only $55.00

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2021- 2022 College Football & NFL Season Package Just $1,397.00!!!

This package includes every selection on Lee’s executive phone service from the first preseason game in August thru the Super Bowl in February 2022. The service includes the college football & NFL regular season, college football bowl games, NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. You will receive a call in phone number to receive your games on a daily tape recorded call. The selections are usually released at 2:00 PM EST weekdays and 9:00 AM EST on weekends. These games will be rated from 10-50 units.

Now Only $1,397.00 with coupon code: save300. Normally priced at $1,697.00. Now only $1,397.00 with this one time time discount code.

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Major League Baseball Season Package Now Just $297.00!!!

This package will include the rest of the regular season and all of the playoffs through the World Series. This package will conclude by November 3, 2021. Jack Bond, one of the top 5 baseball handicappers in the country has come on board and sells his selections exclusively at Paramount Sports. Last year Jack went 44-28, 61.1% in the Covid shortened season. Normally 897.00, use coupon code save300 and you get every selection on our executive service for just $297.00. 

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UFC Annual Fight Club Pass $597.00

$1,375.00 value normally priced at $897.00 With coupon code: save300 pay just $597.00!

You are guaranteed a minimum of 25 UFC fight cards over a one year period from the date of purchase. These selections will be texted to clients at least 24 hours before each card starts.

Only $597.00

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Paramount Sports VIP Experience

Lee offers what is considered the most exclusive and successful service in the industry. His package plays are texted to clients who can wager 2K and above on games. These selections are released to clients usually 10-30 minutes before the game starts. They are a combination of information based on injuries, late line movement, previously undisclosed Covid cases and weather.

$10,000 per sport per season.

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