Our Methods

Lee Sterling’s Winning Methods

Lee Sterling, former quarterback and star athlete, has parlayed his work ethic and uncanny knack of picking point spread winners onto a unique position of reverence among his peers and people in the know! Lee and his Paramount Sports staff use high-end technology computers, and all the trends, systems and statistics that other services use. What makes Lee unique is that he parlays two other major factors in the equation that make his predictions so successful.

1) Lee and his staff have a reliable network of contacts throughout the country that supply them with important unpublished information. Lee’s years of being a ” straight shooter ” have been rewarded as people with proximity to teams and access to information not circulated are able to provide Lee with material he factors into his analysis.

2) SWMA is what Lee calls Strength, Weakness, Mismatch Analysis. Using sophisticated replay apparatus, the Paramount Sports staff studies for potential mismatches in upcoming games. Lee has the unique ability to spot mismatches which will force a team to change their offense or defense to cover a weak link or attack those weaknesses successfully. Knowing coaching tendencies and the consequences of these tendencies. Being aware of a teams playmakers and their influence on a games outcome is just one aspect of our handicapping analysis. It’s important to understand when these playmakers, either offense or defense, will have the opportunity to make plays. Properly factoring in the potential of this happening in a game increases your chances of beating the spread and increases your winning percentage.

It is this added IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS that separates Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports from the others and has produced consistent and significant winners through the years!

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