Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Wisconsin Badgers – 2017 B1G Championship

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This is Lee Sterling of ParamountSports.com, and today I’m going to break down the Big Ten championship game. It’s a game with national championship implications if Wisconsin can move on and stay undefeated. If Ohio State wins, who knows maybe they jump into the top four. So today, I’m gonna break down and predict the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Big Ten championship game.

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Now, on to the Big Ten championship game being played in Indianapolis, Indiana between the Ohio State Buckeyes laying six and a half to seven against the Wisconsin Badgers. Now, Ohio State 2014 shellacked Wisconsin, 59 to nothing. In fact, they’ve beat them eight of the last nine times so they’ve dominated the series. Wisconsin is undefeated though this year. They’re our number one or number two in pretty much every defensive statistical category. So Ohio State comes off a big win against Michigan last week, but they were taken to the end there, they were behind for most of that game until it was late 3rd early 4th. So a big test for them. They have to get up again after going to Michigan and winning there, now they have to face another physical team.

Ohio State, their two toughest opponents this year wasn’t Michigan, it was Oklahoma… they lost at home by 13, and then also Penn State and they won by one point here. So they’re not invincible. Yeah they have a lot of four and five star players, but I think that Wisconsin’s actually better on the offensive and defensive lines and maybe linebacker position. So I think Wisconsin, if they can have some success running the football right at Ohio State, they can slow down the game, maybe force Ohio State into some errors here. Also, some people might think that Wisconsin’s got some trouble at receiver. Yeah they had some injuries, but AJ Taylor, Danny Davis III have stepped right in. So this is a team with not a whole lot of weaknesses here.

I expect Wisconsin to jump here out on top and, and, maybe have to hold on to win this game. I’m gonna say the wrong team is favored. I like Wisconsin and knock off Ohio State, move to the college football Final Four playoff. 26 to 23, take the Wisconsin Badgers plus the points. You want to get my NFL game of the year? Use coupon code save100. It’s all available at ParamountSports.com.

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