NFL 45 Unit Game of Year Plus College Championship Weekend – 2017 Football Predictions

Expert college and NFL football handicapper, Lee Sterling, breaks down his 45 unit NFL Game of the Year Plus College Championship Weekend Executive Phone package. Lee Sterling has had 24 winning football seasons. He is currently 33-10 on 30–35 unit college and NFL football plays, and he’s 32-11 on 40–50 unit college and NFL football plays over the last 9 years. Get executive phone access to all of Lee Sterling’s college conference championship and NFL football selections (includes 45 unit NFL Game of the Year), where each play is rated from 10–50 units, from now through this Monday, December 4. Use promo code: save100
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This is Lee Sterling of, and it’s a big weekend! NFL games galore, huge games, I’m talking about games you know like Philadelphia and Seattle, the list goes on and on. College football championship weekend, we’re gonna finally after this weekend have our final four for the college football playoffs. And the biggest news is my NFL game of the year goes on Sunday. This 45 unit game goes, and I’ve been waiting for this game, we have the right line, we have the right situation… the weather looks perfect… everything is
going. Injuries in our way here.

So this is what we’re gonna do, it’ll be our 45 unit NFL game of the year. And how good have we been on these 40 to 50 unit plays? Well, last nine seasons, 32 and 11. That’s right 32 and 11, almost 75%, on these big game 40 to 50 releases. So this weekend you can get the entire weekend of my service Thursday night, Friday, Saturday championship weekend, and NFL on Sunday and Monday. Five days of games, where we rate the games from 10 to 50 units. You’re gonna probably get 12 to 15 games.

Normally, you cannot purchase my NFL game of the year separately or that weekend. You have to be a monthly or season subscriber. But this weekend you can purchase it, and it’s normally $197 for the entire five Day weekend. If we ever do put it up for sale I’m gonna use coupon code save100. That’s right. save100 saves you $100. Just $97. That’s right, $97 for Thursday night’s play, Friday night’s play, all of Saturday championship weekend, and Sunday in the NFL, and it will include my NFL 45 unit game of the year where were 32 and 11 on these 40 to 50 unit plays
over the last nine seasons, and Monday, just $97.00 with coupon code save 100.

Just $97 for 12 to 15 selections of my executive phone service. How do you get it? You go to or call me here at the office at 800-400-9741 and start winning today!

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