Michigan vs. Michigan State – 2014 College Football

Expert college football handicapper, Lee Sterling, breaks down the 2014 Michigan vs. Michigan State college football game.

This is Lee Sterling of ParamountSports.com, and today I’m going to break down possibly the biggest game in the Big Ten. This game has National Championship implications. It’s a game between the Michigan State Spartans taking on the Michigan Wolverines.

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Now, on to this big game in the Big Ten between the Michigan State Spartans whirling 18 points at home to the Michigan Wolverines. Now, Michigan State, we rode them last week. I gave them out as a selection. They dominated Indiana, scored over 50 points. But they may be a tad overrated here.
I’m not in love with the Michigan State offensive coordinators, both coordinators. Jim Bowman and Dave Warner. I don’t think they are really good at setting things up, and they might feel pressure here. All the pressure is on them. They have to win. People expect them to win big. The Michigan Wolverines have nothing to lose. Everyone’s counted them out. Talking about their AD and their head coach already being fired. What do they have to lose? They can play loose in this game.

A lot of people don’t realize this. As good as the Michigan State defense is. They rank number 9th in the country. Michigan’s defense is just one spot behind them at 10th. They can play some defense too. They have experience quarterback in Devin Gardner and wide receiver Devin Funchess who is finally healthy for maybe for the first time this year. He might be the best receiver, best weapon, on offense combined between both teams.

I’m not saying Michigan is the better team, but 18 points in a rivalry game? I just think it’s too much. I’m going to take the 18 points, Michigan State wins 23 to 20, but the Michigan Wolverines cover the spread quite comfortably. Take Michigan, you want to get involved with Paramount Sports and start winning today? Visit Paramountsports.com or call 800-400-9741.

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