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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks – 2017 NFL Football Predictions

Expert NFL football handicapper, Lee Sterling, breaks down the 2017 NFL match up between Philadelphia and Seattle. Learn more about Lee Sterling’s 45 unit NFL Game of the Year Plus College Championship Weekend Executive Phone package. He is currently 33-10 on 30–35 unit college and NFL football plays, and he’s 32-11 on 40–50 unit college and NFL football plays over the last 9 years. Get executive phone access to all of Lee Sterling’s college conference championship and NFL football selections (includes 45 unit NFL Game of the Year), where each play is rated from 10–50 units, from now through this Monday, December 4. Use promo code: save100
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This is Lee Sterling of ParamountSports.com, and today I’m going to break down, what I think is the biggest game in the NFL on Sunday. It’s a game between the 10 and 1 Philadelphia Eagles and the always tough Seattle Seahawks. Now before I break down and predict this game, just want to let you know what’s going on at ParamountSports this weekend. Well, it’s a big weekend not just because college football championship weekend is here and probably see another couple big upsets like we’ve seen the last couple of weekends and we’ll finally get our final four, but my NFL game of the year goes on Sunday. It’s a 45 unit NFL game of the year release, and the perfect situation, perfect matchup, perfect coaching matchup, weather looks perfect.
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Now onto this big release free game selection, it’s a game between the Philadelphia Eagles laying five to five and a half at the Seattle Seahawks. Now, went back to my data base, and I was shocked at this, I thought maybe once or twice they would have been small dogs, but this is the first underdog role for Seattle in five
seasons. In fact, they haven’t been a dog that much going back 2000, but last ten times they’ve been a home dog, and you know, the fans of obviously influences some, and also some good teams, they’re eight and two against a spread. Philadelphia, fourth time in their history they’ve been ten and one. Two of the other three times they went to the Super Bowl, and the third time they actually won the NFL championship, but that goes back to 1949.

Now, it’s important to pay attention to what goes on before this game. If the Minnesota Vikings lose to Atlanta then you would have Philadelphia with a two-game lead. So it’s important to watch that because last week we played the LA Rams. And why did we play the Rams? It was not a must game for New Orleans. New Orleans was on an eight game winning streak. The game I felt that they were, you know, obviously pinning toward was Carolina this weekend. So you might catch them in a non must-win game. They’d like to win every game. Every team would like to win in the NFL, but they got to go cross country, play in front of maybe the toughest fans in the NFL, toughest stadium to play, and they’re gonna be distracted. Seattle has beaten them each to the last three times.

Obviously it’s gonna come down to quarterback. Carson Wentz, right now a top-five quarterback in the NFL. He’s great, I mean it’s really good, but Russell Wilson, in my opinion, also a top-five quarterback. He can do it with his arm and his legs. He has to do it, they don’t have a whole lot of running game, but I don’t think this loss of Sherman is as big as some people would say, especially this game. They’re not facing the Julio Jones. Philly has a lot of pretty good receivers. No one receiver you have to stop or take out of the game. So I think the defensive line from Seattle will rule the day here. They’re gonna make a difference here, get some sacks, make some third down stops, great linebacker play. I’m gonna say that nine-game winning streak for the Philadelphia Eagles is all over. It ends today on Sunday. Take Seattle, they win this game here, 31 to 27. Take the points in Seattle, the wrong team is favored. Seattle pulls off the upset of Philadelphia. You want to come on board and get my NFL game of the year, it’s all available, ParamountSports.com.

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