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Mississippi vs. LSU – 2014 College Football

Expert college football handicapper, Lee Sterling, breaks down the 2014 Mississippi vs. LSU college football game.

This is Lee Sterling of ParamountSports.com, and today, I’m going to break down the biggest game in the SEC, and quite arguably, the biggest game in the country this Saturday. It’s the game between the Ole Miss Rebels and the LSU Tigers. Now, before I break down and predict this game, I just want to let you know what’s going on at Paramount Sports. What’s going on is we’ve won 9 out of 12 weeks since the start of the preseason. How can you get involved with Paramount Sports?

Well, we’re going to extend the same offer we had last week. It’s the 8 for 88. 8 games combined on Saturday and Sunday, just $88. How do you get it and start winning? Visit Paramountsports.com or call me here at the office, 800-400-9741. Now, on to this game on Saturday between the Ole Miss Rebels who are laying 3 to 3 1/2 at the LSU Tigers.

Now, Ole Miss’s defense is not only good, it’s great. It’s arguably the best in the country. No team in 7 games has scored more than 20 points on them. They’re averaging giving up just 10.6 points per game. They’re plus 10 in turnover ratio. They have 15 interceptions on the year. I love every component. I love their defensive line. They create a lot of havoc and pressure on the quarterback. Linebackers are quick, get to the ball, make tackles. And the DBs, they’re ball hawks and they strip you also, and they’ll intercept balls. Ole Miss’s offense is good. They’re dependable but their defense is what makes them so great.

This week, it’s a game of match ups. I think they’re going to put on many occasions, 8 or 9 people in the box because LSU likes to use their huge running backs. They like to control the ball because quite frankly, they’re not too good at passing the ball. Just 25 for 60 are their quarterbacks, the last three games. Ole Miss’s quarterback, Bo Wallace, accurate. 66 percent over the last, I think it’s 5 or 6 games and then, he’s also not thrown an interception in SEC play.

There is a new order in the SEC. Old Miss right now, I believe, could possibly be the best team in the SEC. Lay the 3 to 3 1/2. Take Ole Miss, they win and cover this game, 24 to 13.

You want to get involved with Paramount Sports, visit Paramountsports.com, or call 800-400-9741.

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