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Locktober just $297.00

Get the executive phone service from today thru Thursday October 31st for just $297.00 with coupon code: save100. You will receive 10-14 games each week rated from 10-50 units on a call in phone number. After another winning week we look to also release a big 40-50 unit play which we are a documented 39-15 the last 11 years on. This is the weekend to get involved and start cashing in big!

Locktober Special!!!

The 2019 – 2020 football season is off to another fast start! September was a winning month and October which we refer to as Locktober could be our biggest month yet. If your not already a client how much longer can you afford to wait? We’ve already won 4 of our 5 biggest plays this year. Our two biggest plays this season a 45 unit play on UCF over Stanford was decided by halftime and our 40 unit play on Oregon over Nevada won by a score of 77-6. Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate! Sign up now!
Get the Locktober Special thru October 31st!

Now Only $397 But You Can Save $100 Now!

Use Coupon Code: save100 And Pay Only $297.00!

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5 for $55 for NFL Sunday Plays!!!

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Power Play Package

Our biggest play every Saturday & Sunday. It’s Lee’s top two selections of the week. They will range from 35-100 units. You will receive at least 4 to as many as 8 plays that are rated 40 units or higher from this weekend through the Super Bowl.

Only $597

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2019-2020 College And NFL Season Picks!

Lee Sterling’s elite phone service clients have had now had 25 winning football seasons. Lee Sterling’s executive phone service customers receive Lee’s selections along with his ratings from 10-100 units for every selection. Lee has developed a reputation as the “Big Play Hunter” & his big plays have been nothing but money. He was 33-16 last season on his 30-50 unit plays.  His rare 40-100 unit selections are 37-14 the last 11 years and his bread and butter 30-35 unit plays are 69-33 since the start of the 2017 football season.

You will receive Lee Sterling’s Executive Phone Service for The 2019-2020 Football Season.

Now Only $1147

Save $400 Now! Use Coupon Code: save400 And Pay $747.00!

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2019-2020 College & NBA Season Picks!

Lee Sterling’s elite executive phone service allows you to get the plays that Lee personally bets on and has won big for over 25 years. This service will include every play from the first NBA game in mid October, all the college games plus March Madness and thru the NBA Finals in Mid June 2020. These plays are released once a day and are rated from 10-50 units. Weekdays games are released at 3:00 PM EST and weekends at 9:00 AM EST.

Now Only $1597

Save $500 Now! Use Coupon Code: save500 And Pay $1,097.00!

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