Double Down December 2020

Double Down December Just $347.00 & Includes 40-50 Play This Weekend!

Double Down December!!! 5 Weeks thru Monday January 4th, 2021! Just $347

Every game from today through Monday January 4th. 6  full weeks of action. Normally 547.00, use coupon code save200 and you get every college football game plus NFL game on our executive service for just $347.00.

Now Only $347

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Selected Games Combined College Football & NFL for Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th JUST $77

A combination of 9 college and NFL games for this Saturday & Sunday for $77. This product is an instant download.

Now Only $77

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College Basketball & NBA Season Package!!!

Every game from Wednesday November 25, 2020 thru the end of June 2021. This package is our executive phone service for college basketball & NBA. It includes the entire regular season for both college  basketball & NBA. It also includes March Madness and the NBA Playoffs thru the Finals.  Normally 1,497.00, use coupon code save700 and you get every selection on our executive service for just $797.00.

Now Only $797

Save $700 Now! Use Coupon Code: save700 And Pay Just $797.00!

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2020 -2021 Football Package Now only $497.00!

This package includes every football game on our executive phone service in college football & NFL. You will get every regular season game plus the college bowls, NFL playoffs & Super Bowl. This package is normally priced at $797.00

Now Only $497

Save $300 Now! Use Coupon Code: save300 And Pay $497.00!

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5 for $55 NFL Special

Sunday 5 for $55 Special for Sunday December 6, 2020! This is an instant download.

Only $55

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5 selections for UFC 255, Saturday December 5th!

UFC 255 Saturday December 5th

Only $55

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UFC Annual Fight Club Pass $597.00

$1,375.00 value normally priced at $897.00 With coupon code: save300 pay just $597.00!

You are guaranteed a minimum of 25 UFC fight cards over a one year period from the date of purchase. These selections will be texted to clients at least 24 hours before each card starts.

Only $597.00

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Paramount Sports VIP Experience

Lee offers what is considered the most exclusive and successful service in the industry. His package plays are texted to clients who can wager 2K and above on games. These selections are released to clients usually 10-30 minutes before the game starts. They are a combination of information based on injuries, late line movement, previously undisclosed Covid cases and weather.

$20,000 per sport per season.

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