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Terms and Conditions

Paramount Sports, Inc. does not allow persons under the age 21 to use its site or services. The information contained in this site is for entertainment and news purposes only. Any and all information and/or assertions or offers on this website are not intended for any illegal use or violate any federal or state laws. This is not a gambling site. It has met, and/or exceeded all requirements for an entertainment only site. Any assertions, comments, or statements either verbal or in writing concerning the picks of the college or professional game and/or event are meant to be taken as entertainment only and not as fact. Nothing on this site is meant to promote or accept any type of illegal wager and/or bet. Once your subscription and/or promotional offer expires, your account will NOT renew (we do not automatically recharge your account).

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This nondisclosure agreement is entered into by and between Paramount Sports, Inc. and its members. Client understands and agrees there will be NO refunds of any credit card payments or guarantees of any predicted outcomes, and the consulting fees set forth herein have been fully earned upon receipt of thereof. Should client decide to terminate this agreement prior to its contemplated completion, no refunds will be issued as the consulting fee was fully earned upon payment thereof.